Meet John Scott who is one of our Private Pilot Students. Read through his journey to becoming a Private Pilot and how his experience flying at Kilo Charlie was!

“A year and a half ago Kilo Charlie put the crazy idea into my head that I was not too old to fly an airplane.  I had my doubts!  However, after talking with my family, my doctor, and passing my Medical, I started studying.  On April fool’s day last year, I had my first flying lesson with Thomas, and then later I was transferred to Jimmy and finally to Andy.  Then, last weekend at the age of 73, I passed my Checkride.  A dream I have had since I was 11.  It only took me 62 years to get here.

I cannot thank your staff enough for all the help and encouragement they have given me over this past year.  Kerry was amazing as she persistently scheduled (and rescheduled, and rescheduled….), my final Checkride around weather, maintenance issues, holidays, cancelations, and so on.  She has an amazing level of patience and perseverance. Alex, Ethen, and Bailey have all been very supportive and fun to get to know.  Every instructor that I flew with was encouraging, humbling at times, and very good at their job. They all made the training process fun while keeping it challenging. I also want to thank Greg for letting me fly the simulator one afternoon while waiting for the weather to clear. That was a real treat.

In a nutshell, you have an amazing team, and I must say I have enjoyed getting to know everyone there.

Thank you for planting that seed.

John W. Scott”