It’s all about Thrill, High Speeds
and Top Level Risk

You are only as good as your employees

Kilo Charlie Aviation represents the finest assembly of flight professionals you will find anywhere. From certified flight instructors to experienced mechanics to a seasoned support crew, our staff represents the best knowledge, the most intense focus, and the finest professionalism.

Our curriculum incorporates volumes of flight knowledge with a rigorous program of classroom, simulator, and in-flight training. When you leave us, you are steeped in skill, experience, and safety—all the elements of a confident pilot. You will never truly leave, though. At Kilo Charlie Aviation our students always come back for more instruction.

We are a diverse group of individuals with a passion for flight training and instilling that passion in others.

Leadership Team

Drew Konicek
Drew KonicekCEO
Robert Renfro
Robert RenfroCRO
Arthur Koenig
Arthur KoenigCOO
Greg Laudick
Greg LaudickAdministrative Director

Management Team

Chris Distin
Chris DistinDirector of Operations
Ashleigh Koenig
Ashleigh KoenigDirector of Student Support
Trent Kinney
Trent KinneyBusiness Development

Flight Instructors

John Stefansen
John StefansenMulti-Engine Academy Instructor, CFII/ MEI
Derek Matthews
Derek MatthewsCFI Academy Instructor, CFII/MEI
Lane Hamm
Baron Chen
Baron ChenFlight Instructor, CFII/MEI
Andrew Finkelstein
Andrew FinkelsteinFlight Instructor, CFII
Seth Hays
Seth HaysFlight Instructor, CFII
Rick Deaton
Rick DeatonFlight Instructor, CFI
Alex Staley
Alex StaleyFlight Instructor, CFII
Sarah Deaton
Sarah DeatonFlight Instructor, CFI
Mat Edwards
Mat EdwardsFlight Instructor, CFII
Tommy Biddlecombe
Tommy BiddlecombeFlight Instructor, CFI
Makayla O'Brien
Makayla O'BrienFlight Instructor, CFI
Mason Beam
Mason BeamFlight Instructor, CFII
Brendon Lanker
Brendon LankerFlight Instructor, CFI
Isaac Partida
Isaac PartidaFlight Instructor, CFII/MEI
Collin Giambrone
Collin Giambrone Flight Instructor, CFII
Jonah Libbert
Jonah LibbertFlight Instructor, CFII
Lyle Sobba
Lyle Sobba Flight Instructor, CFII/MEI
Brandyn Reeves
Brandyn ReevesFlight Instructor, CFII
James Bono
James BonoFlight Instructor, CFII
Jake Thurmond
Jake ThurmondFlight Instructor, CFI
Paul Lee
Paul LeeFlight Instructor, CFII

Flight School Administration

Bailey Andrade
Bailey AndradeDispatch
Mic Kriebel
Mic KriebelDispatch
Zoe Newcomb
Zoe NewcombDispatch
Gabe Ramirez
Gabe RamirezDispatch
John Smith
John SmithDispatch

Aircraft Maintenance Department

Jill Mason
Jill MasonMaintenance Director
Joshua Kennedy
Joshua KennedyMechanic
Logan Baker
Logan BakerMechanic
Landon Reeder
Landon ReederMechanic
Owen Fortney
Owen FortneyMechanic
Frank Horveath
Frank HorveathMechanic
Connor Smith
Connor SmithLine Service

From the Crew at Kilo Charlie:

“Becoming a member of the staff at Kilo Charlie Flight School is a statement on your career and abilities, whether you are a Certified Flight Instructor, a seasoned mechanic, or part of the support crew. We only bring on professionals who show a passion for creating the best pilots. Everything we do is directed towards that goal.”— Drew Konicek, Chief Business Officer, Kilo Charlie Aviation

Trent Kinney
Trent Kinney
As Kilo Charlie’s Student Advisor, Trent and his team of training advisors are your guide to beginning your journey into the world of aviation. Regardless of your background, they will assist you in charting a course to achieving your aviation dreams.

Talk to a Training Advisor

Our goal at Kilo Charlie is not only to be the best flight school in the Midwest, but the preferred flight school of pilots all over the U.S., and all over the world. Visit us today. We’ll show you why we are the fastest-growing flight school in the area

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