We pride ourselves on having the nicest and safest fleet of aircrafts in Kansas City Metro!


The technology of flight is always changing. Even though the basics are still relevant, and we still teach them, the enjoyment of flying, and safety, has been greatly enhanced with the addition of the next generation of aircraft. At Kilo Charlie we provide an excellent selection of planes for your training and learning experience.

Cirrus SR20 Airplanes—These planes are equipped with glass cockpits featuring the Perspective+ by Garmin® or the Avidyne Entegra. No other aircraft in the world supports learning how to fly better than these planes.

Piper Warriors—There was a time when almost every pilot would tell you they learned to fly in a Piper Warrior. These planes are as relevant as ever for the first-time pilot, or those coming back to upgrade to an instrument rating certification.

Tecnam P2006T- A twin-engine four seat aircraft equipped with G950 Avionics for multi-engine training.

“When Charlie Kilo Aviation asked me to consider heading up the team maintaining their fleet, I had to come and look for myself. I have never seen a finer fleet of aircraft. The only thing that matches the technology in these machines is the care with which they are maintained. On the rare occasion that I have a question about the instrumentation, Garmin has a hangar here at the airport that is a short walk. There is no finer experience than working here, taking care of these planes, and knowing that I am part of the training effort for the next generation of pilots.”—Adam Piepke, Director of Maintenance, Kilo Charlie Flight School.

Kilo Charlie Aviation maintains an exclusive in-house maintenance team. In addition to our director of maintenance, we have three veteran mechanics on staff, certified in all aspects of aviation maintenance, and a parts manager. Flight safety is our top goal.

Trent Kinney
Trent Kinney
As Kilo Charlie’s Student Advisor, Trent and his team of training advisors are your guide to beginning your journey into the world of aviation. Regardless of your background, they will assist you in charting a course to achieving your aviation dreams.

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