Teach the Next Generation of Pilots

There is no better way to learn more about any subject, especially flying, than to teach it to others. You can do this as a Certified Flight Instructor. Be a part of the team that molds and trains the next generation of pilots. Under the guidance of the professionals at Kilo Charlie Aviation. You can earn certifications for:

A Commercial Pilot

You are already a seasoned pilot. We now work with you to learn the teaching techniques that produce the best pilots.

Increase your marketability as a flight instructor by earning a certification to teach instrument rating.

Add multi-engine capabilities to your existing CFI certificate. Kilo Charlie provides all the necessary ground and flight instruction for this elite level of instructor.

To Begin Training

Basic Requirements

• Must be 18 years old

• Possess a Private Pilot’s License.

• Possess Instrument Rating certification.

• Possess a commercial pilot license.

• Have logged 250 hours of flight time.

• Log at least 15 hours of being in

command of a pilot.

The Path To Completion

Standard Instructor Track

Certified Flight Instructor Course (CFI)

Certified Flight Instructor—Instrument (CFII)

Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

10 Day Certified
Flight Instructor Course (CFI)

This accelerated CFI course is designed to be accomplished within 2 weeks at Kilo Charlie Aviation. Upon completion, you will have all necessary training and endorsements, and will be ready for your CFI initial checkride! After passing the test you will be a Certified Flight Instructor, able to pass your knowledge on to others. An instrument instructor add-on course is available.

• As much as 40 hours of ground and flight instruction.
• As much as 10 hours of flight training.
• Use of aircraft for checkride flight (up to 2 hours).
• Endorsement for CFI initial checkride.

Certified Flight Instructor—
Instrument (CFII)

If you opt for the Part 61 accelerated CFII as an add-on to the CFI course, it increases the course to up to five days.

• As much as 24 hours of instructor time if needed.
• As much as 8 hours of flight time if needed.
• Up to 5 hours of RealSim SR20 Flight Simulator.
• Use of Kilo Charlie Aviation aircraft for checkride flight           (up to 2 hours).

Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI)

The Multi-Engine Instructor course duration and pricing depends on your experience. You need 15 hours of multi-engine airplane pilot in command time to be eligible for the checkride.

• Ground and flight instruction.
• As much as 40 hours of instructor time.
• As much as 19 hours of flight training.
• 6 hours RealSim SR20 Flight Simulator training.
• Use of aircraft for checkride flight (up to 4 hours).
• Endorsement for CFI initial checkride.

MEI Initial Full Course Investment

*Please note if you already have your CFI Initial, you do not need the full MEI course. We can customize a course to get your MEI within a week!
*If you have 15 hours PIC multi-engine you also do not need all 19 hours and prices can be decreased.

“A commercial certification from Kilo Charlie is a much-in-demand ranking and a huge step in your flight career. You have the confidence and knowledge to apply for just about any aviation position. The employment opportunities are endless. Your biggest dilemma will be deciding where you want to go. I received my commercial certification and never looked back.”—Chris Distin, Chief Pilot, Kilo Charlie Aviation.


With 25+ years of experience creating programs designed to make you the safest pilot.

RealSim SR20 Flight Simulator

Our RealSim Flight Simulator re-creates and takes you to the cockpit of a Cirrus SR20. It introduces you to the basics of instrument flying and what it’s like to fly in a full glass panel plane.

Custom Approach

Our passion is in seeing you succeed and get to your goals with Aviation. Professionally or Recreationally.

Trent Kinney
Trent Kinney
As Kilo Charlie’s Student Advisor, Trent and his team of training advisors are your guide to beginning your journey into the world of aviation. Regardless of your background, they will assist you in charting a course to achieving your aviation dreams.

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