During this past month we finally finished our renovation to unveil our new & improved maintenance department!

So far 2023 has been a big year of growth for us, starting with the fact that we’ve almost doubled in the number of students we had enrolled from this time last year. That not only led to an increase in instructors but an increase in hours flown monthly. In order to give our students, the best pilot training experience possible, we also increased the number of training aircrafts in our fleet so that we could have our students flying as often as possible.

The increase of aircrafts in our fleet and increase of hours being flown monthly means that our aircrafts need to be maintained more frequently so that they can stay safe and in the best shape possible.

Here at Kilo Charlie, one thing we pride ourselves on and what makes us different from other flight schools in the area is that we have our very own in-house maintenance team! We knew that in order to get our aircrafts in and out of maintenance as fast as possible, we needed more hands-on deck, so we hired more mechanics and technicians to the team.

As a result of our maintenance team growing, we decided the department needed a little TLC so that we could accommodate their needs and provide them with the best work environment possible. This led to the initiative of providing our team with a new & improved maintenance department. The maintenance department renovation consisted of newly built offices, updated desks & furniture along with a lunch room open for students & staff to use! 

Our students safety is our number one priority and because of our amazing maintenance team we are able to perform aircraft inspections that are done on time and in a timely manner.