Become a True Aviator

Navigate your aircraft through limited visibility and a wide range of meteorological conditions with an instrument rating from Kilo Charlie Aviation. With the knowledge you gather, you can fly your aircraft to the full extent of its capabilities. Become comfortable in holding patterns, perfect instrument approaches, and hone your skill to handle anything you might encounter in the skies. 

Don’t Let a Few Clouds Ruin Your Day

Becoming Instrument Rated is the next step in a career, allowing you to fly in more weather conditions and with more precision. An instrument rating increases your flexibility as a pilot and is a major step in your aviation career. Whether you are a private pilot that is looking for increased knowledge and ability or you are working towards your commercial license, getting an instrument rating is an important step.

Basic Requirements

  • Must be able to fly to the Private Pilot standards and recommended to be instrument rated.
  • Receive an FAA medical clearance—minimum 3rd
  • Able to speak and understand English.
  • At least 17 years of age.
Fast Track Program
  • Complete your rating in 10 days
  • Must have written exam completed
  • FAA prerequisites must be completed


Standard Instrument Track
  • 50 hours Cross-Country PIC
  • 40 hours simulated instrument
  • 30 hours with Instructor


Adventure Training

Kilo Charlie Started Adventure Training in 2020. Pick Destinations and fulfill requirements.

  • Denver
  • Nashville
  • Many more

Learn Even More in the Redbird Simulator

You can also earn hours towards your instrument rating in our Redbird FMX simulator at Kilo Charlie Aviation. This full-motion experience can duplicate just about any weather or visibility experience. It is an affordable alternative to in-flight time, and safer. Better yet, you get exposure to real-life situations you might encounter in the skies, but which can be difficult to duplicate in a training situation in live aircraft. Improve your navigational abilities, simulate weather, and increase your flight hours in the Redbird at Charlie Kilo Aviation.

Train the way you will fly

Adventure Training

Snow Sports


Fly into the mile-high city from Kilo Charlie’s home base. Stay the night, catch a few sights, and fly back.

Ski Areas and Parks


Fly into this city and follow the tracks of Elvis. Visit Graceland and take in the Grand Ol’ Opry.

Snow Sports Events


Fly into Chicago and stay for the day or overnight. We never get tired of this city.

Chris Distin
Chris Distin
As Kilo Charlie’s Student Advisor, Chris and his team of training advisors are your guide to beginning your journey into the world of aviation. Regardless of your background, they will assist you in charting a course to achieving your aviation dreams.

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